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John's Big Bluefin or Bust 3 Day

The big mama's made a little showing for John's Big Bluefin group. Hoping for another shot!
(More...) (Thursday, May 30, 2024)


by TIM EKSTROM / Royal Star Sportfishing
The abundance of big fish was replaced by the opposite today. They were down; simple as that. Proving the theory was one gigantic school that showed itself in flat calm conditions mid day. Visible for miles we worked it for
(More...) (Wednesday, May 29, 2024)

Graftech 8 Day

by BRIAN PIFER / Independence Sportfishing
Relaxing day along the beach. We spent the day hopping from spot to spot trying for seabass. Never connected, but caught plenty of junk to go along. We are going to make a few cod drifts tomorrow morning before calling
(More...) (Wednesday, May 29, 2024)

Big Bluefin

by SEAFORTH STAFF / Seaforth Landing
The Polaris Supreme returned from their 2 Day trip with 37 Bluefin Tuna. They finished with 26 fish from 100-235lbs! Captain Aliyar reported a good sign of fish during the day. They were able to land several nice Bluefin
(More...) (Wednesday, May 29, 2024)


by FISHERMANS LANDING STAFF / Fishermans Landing
Great fishing right now! Bluefin Tuna are within 50 to 60 miles. All of them ranging from 50lb to 180lbs! Heavy loss due to light gear. You must have a rail rod, a mininum 100lb line! You can always rent with us. We cannot
(More...) (Wednesday, May 29, 2024)

Wednesday @ PLSF

by BIG HUNGRY / Point Loma Sportfishing
Today's PM 1/2-Day trip on the Daily Double came back with 8 Sand Bass, 18 Calico Bass, 9 Rockfish, 2 Sculpin and 1 Sheephead.  The El Capitan is a WILL RUN for their 2 day trip departing Friday May 31st! *Meals are included in the ticket
(More...) (Wednesday, May 29, 2024)

Islands check, going offshore

by JAMES MCDANIELS / Grande Sportfishing
We spent the last two trips scouring the Coronado Islands and after leaving no stone unturned we came up unsuccessful on surface fish. We enjoyed excellent bottom fishing but the writing on the wall says we need to be offshore
(More...) (Tuesday, May 28, 2024)

Sav-On Tackle 2 Day

by JACOB HENSLEY (OXNARD) / Ranger 85 Sportfishing
Our @savon_tackle 2 day was a good one. Beautiful weather, light load, a few shots at some halibut, and some big bags of taco meat. We have another light load 2 day that needs a few more this coming Friday
(More...) (Tuesday, May 28, 2024)

1.5 Day Departing Friday

by ANDREW VIOLA / Pacifica Sportfishing
The Pacifica has spots available on their upcoming 1.5 day trip departing on Friday, May 31st at 7PM. June and July trips are posted! Check out all trip availability at PacificaSportfishing.com.
(More...) (Tuesday, May 28, 2024)

Quality Bluefin Tuna on the Islander!

by FISHERMANS LANDING STAFF / Fishermans Landing
Islander returned from a 3 day with fish up to 130lbs!
(More...) (Tuesday, May 28, 2024)

Catching limits in Chamber Park!

by LAKE CUYAMACA / Lake Cuyamaca
    Father and daughter catching limits in Chamber Park!     Time to go fishing at Lake Cuyamaca Recreation and Park District!
(More...) (Tuesday, May 28, 2024)

1.3 lb. Crappie

by WOHLFORD LAKE STAFF / Wohlford Lake
Kaleb Dagraedt caught this 1.3 lbs crappie off of bass point with a rapala
(More...) (Saturday, May 25, 2024)

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