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Bluefin, Bluefin and Bluefin

by H&M LANDING / H&M Landing
The Old Glory called in from their 1.5 day trip with over 20 Bluefin Tuna in the range of 30-65 lbs! The captain reports beautiful water and great opportunity for tuna fishing!  Book Here The Sea Adventure 80 last we heard has 17 Bluefin Tuna up
(More...) (Saturday, May 15, 2021)

May 15 morning report

by TEAM SEARCHER / Searcher Sportfishing
Good morning anglers, We saw incredible signs of 40-60lb bluefin last night in the dark, but could not get the right school. We're seeing the same sign after sunrise as well. We've started scratching away at them very slowly. Our main focus
(More...) (Saturday, May 15, 2021)

Off To A Great Start

by ANDREW VIOLA / Pacifica Sportfishing
The Pacifica out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego,CA checked in with us today: Off to a great start today. Bring the proper gear, it really helps your chance of landing these beautiful fish.
(More...) (Saturday, May 15, 2021)

Saturday’s Gang

by BRIAN KIYOHARA / American Angler Sportfishing
Everyone's having a good time today and they've all had the opportunity to catch a nice one juat got out of a plunked with 50-60# tuna lots of daylight left
(More...) (Saturday, May 15, 2021)

Limits by Noon

On the water report.  Another great day of yellowtail fishing on our full day freelance.   Great group limits of yellowtail by noon for 4. 
(More...) (Saturday, May 15, 2021)


by BRIAN SIMS / Royal Star Sportfishing
We're making considerably better speed I. Improving weather as we move up the coast. My best guess at this time is 10:00am tomorrow at fisherman's landing. See you guys there.  Mike Shannon with a 150. 
(More...) (Friday, May 14, 2021)

Tomahawk Late Night Check In

by MIKE LOUST / Tomahawk Sportfishing
Captain Mike Loust checked in from the Tomahawk out of Fishermans Landing in San Diego CA. It's 3:23 AM and we have 12 Bluefin Tuna onbaord right now with 1 hanging aroudn 100 pounds. We have plenty of time to keep fishing! Call Fishermans Landing to book (619) 221-8500 or
(More...) (Friday, May 14, 2021)

Fish Were in Difficult Mode Today

by RYAN BOSTIAN / The San Diego
Today we looked at plenty of fish but unfortunately they were in a difficult mode. We ended with 9 fish that looked just like this one caught by @pinheadwaylon_sd yesterday.
(More...) (Thursday, May 13, 2021)

Bigger Bluefin Are Biting, Bring The Big Gear

by MIKE PRITCHARD / Tribute Sportfishing
The Tribute out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego, CA checked in with us today. Returned this morning from a 1.5 day trip with limits of yellowtail and 14 bluefin for 32 passengers. Bluefin were anywhere from 40-130 lbs. Most of ours were 80-130 lb
(More...) (Thursday, May 13, 2021)

Big Bluefin

by BIG HUNGRY / Point Loma Sportfishing
The Mission Belle came back with a nice score of excellent grade Bluefin Tuna. Here is Mr. Lance Withee with a spectacular catch. Way to go Lance! 
(More...) (Wednesday, May 12, 2021)

Lower Otay Reservoir Report

by LOWER OTAY RESERVOIR STAFF / Lower Otay Reservoir
The bass spawn is heading into post spawn but not quite there yet. They are still in their beds but a bit more lethargic. Impressive weights on largemouths caught this weekend. Dropshotting was the popular method with pinks and purples,
(More...) (Monday, May 10, 2021)

Lake Jennings Fishing Report

by LAKE JENNINGS STAFF / Lake Jennings Staff
Stocking: The catfish season opener is just a few weeks away! We've stocked up on bait, lures, and tackle in the bait shop in preparation for catfish season. We will stock a total of 10,000 pounds this season. For an
(More...) (Monday, May 10, 2021)

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