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Ultra Limited

by TIM EKSTROM / Royal Star Sportfishing
Beginning the second of two Larry Brown chartered ultra limited load three day runs we ran down to the grounds uphill against a stiff southerly breeze. Getting that out of our system early we were not greeted by eager bluefin
(More...) (Saturday, May 21, 2022)

Limits Before Noon

by JEFF SPAFFORD / Outrider Sportfishing
The Outrider out of Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego, CA called in with with us today. Calling in an afternoon report on the water. We are out here on a 1.5 day and came down to the same area we been
(More...) (Saturday, May 21, 2022)

The quality was exceptional on our three day trip

by GAVIN HARBOUR / Pacific Queen Sportfishing
88 years young and still getting after it. The quality was exceptional on our three day trip that arrived this morning.  
(More...) (Friday, May 20, 2022)

May 17, 2022 1.5 Day trip Jackpot

by MATT KAULLEN / Independence Sportfishing
1 Randy Mosteller 178 2 Greg Nord 174 3 Ismael Jimenez 160
(More...) (Friday, May 20, 2022)

Great Start

by BILL CAVANAUGH / Intrepid Sportfishing
We departed on our open party 3 Day yesteray with a great load of bait and made our way to the Bluefin grounds. When we arrived we saw very little sign but when it got dark everything turned around and
(More...) (Friday, May 20, 2022)

What happened to premium big game tags?

Q: Last year, hunters could apply for a draw for several premium big game tags that aren’t usually available to the public. This year, I haven’t heard anything about that opportunity. Did the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW)
(More...) (Friday, May 20, 2022)

Pacific Islander Wrap Up Report

by RICK RUSSELL (SAN DIEGO) / Pacific Islander Sportfishing
Not a whole lot to report on this one. Tough fishing for us yesterday. 23 passengers 6 bluefin 40-150# 4 yellowtail Limits of coors light
(More...) (Friday, May 20, 2022)

Pegasus is Picking Away

by FISHERMANS LANDING STAFF / Fishermans Landing
The Pegasus is seeing some steady action to start off their 1.5 day trip. They're up to 33 Bluefin Tuna so far on their extended 1.5 day trip. 
(More...) (Friday, May 20, 2022)

1.75 day 5/18

by ADAM WILLIAMS / New Lo-An Sportfishing
Very fun fishing on a nice paced plunker bite with most fish caught on sardines this trip! Most of the fish were from 40-60 pounds with some standout 80+ like the one pictured. Congrats Brent Baker on your biggest bft! We had
(More...) (Friday, May 20, 2022)

Bluefin Limits and Half Day Yellowtail

by SEAFORTH STAFF / Seaforth Landing
The Polaris Supreme called in this morning with limits of Bluefin for their 3 Day! They have fish up to 100lbs, but the majority are in the 25-50lb range. The Pacifica returned from a 1.5 Day this morning with 21
(More...) (Friday, May 20, 2022)

6 Pound Rainbow

by LAKE CUYAMACA / Lake Cuyamaca
Beautiful 6 pound rainbow trout caught while slow trolling with a floating rapala.
(More...) (Monday, May 16, 2022)

Lake Jennings Fishing Report

by LAKE JENNINGS STAFF / Lake Jennings Staff
Stocking: Catfish season opener will is this weekend! The lake will be stocked with 1,750 pounds from Alpine Fishery. The catfish stocking schedule has been released. You can view the schedule HERE. What's the catch?  Until the water temperature reaches 72-73
(More...) (Monday, May 16, 2022)

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