A couple more cows

Late afternoon cow
Photo Credit: Kai Medak

A couple more cows

by Markus Medak
(619) 223-1627

This trip we had a very light charter group with only 13 guests for two days, so it was an easy decision to try for some quality fish.

We started the morning in the dark with a couple of bites on the flatfalls.  We landed one 190# fish and lost the other after a long battle.   After daylight, we could not get any more bites, so we launched the kite and began trolling.  We had a few speculation blow outs and managed to land 2 more fish between 185# and 195#.

In the afternoon, bluefin began showing everywhere, although they were very reluctant to bite.  We did catch a few smaller fish in 30-40# on light finesse tackle.  

Just before sunset, the big ones showed up in volume and we picked up a 220# on the kite and a 200# on a flatfall.  All in all, a very exciting day.

Day 2 also started out with a fish in the dark, however it was mildly disappointing at only 40#.  It appeared the big ones were going to be a no show until we found a huge area of foaming fish.  Some were giants (well over 200), and many were 35-80#.  We missed a couple of big ones and picked up a handful of fish from40-80# just as we had leave for home.

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Captain Markus Medak
Point Loma Sportfishing
San Diego, CA

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